Biased media ignored Biden’s ‘potential criminal activity’ for months: Trump campaign

Trump 2020 national press secretary Hogan Gidley reacted Friday on “Outnumbered Overtime” to the latest revelations about the Hunter Biden investigation, including that Attorney General William Barr was aware of it in the spring.

Gidley slammed the media for refusing to cover the story during the campaign and said the Justice Department was aware of what he called “dangerous” conflicts of interest.

HOGAN GIDLEY: 99 percent of what we’re talking about today, we knew about months ago. At the campaign, we had a conference call every day for about 12 days in a row with hundreds and hundreds of members of the mainstream media on the call and we outlined the verified information that the Biden family was under criminal investigation by the F.B.I and money laundering was potentially the charge on the table. The media refused to cover it.

They focused on a fake, phony, Russian witch hunt for three years, and they wouldn’t cover Joe Biden’s malfeasance, the Biden family’s potential criminal activity, for three seconds. It was completely and totally egregious. The media is to blame and that’s a reason that they are a punchline, and they do not provide a serious, significant service to the American people whatsoever. They are not just biased in what they cover and what they don’t cover. They are biased in how they cover it, and it pushes their own personal agenda. 

Tony Bobulinski was part of these business deals and willing to go on the record. The media still refused to cover it. They called it Russian disinformation. Talk about one of your all-time lies. The overused word in the last four years has been the word “bombshell.” This was truly a bombshell, and they refused to even talk about it … Yes, the president suffered because their entire being was basically made to destroy this president and try to prop up Joe Biden.

It shows how the Deep State acted against the president from day one. We know about Peter Strozk and Lisa Page trying to take down the president. While the media was calling this Russian disinformation, the DOJ knew it was absolutely real and what was going on was dangerous for the country, too.