Biden coronavirus vaccine plan won’t fix ‘bottleneck’ on administering shots: Saphier

Fox News contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier said the incoming Biden administration‘s plan to release nearly all coronavirus vaccines was wrongheaded when the focus should be on administering the ones already sent out.

Only 28 percent of the coronavirus vaccines released to the 50 states have been administered thus far, leading Saphier to argue on “Outnumbered” that Biden’s plan to flood the country with more vaccinations would not fix the bottleneck.

The Trump administration is holding back a wave of coronavirus doses to ensure those who receive their first dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations get the second one to maximmize their efficacy.

DR. NICOLE SAPHIER: The Biden administration, they are coming out saying once they take over, they are going to release the Kraken, if you want to say that, and they are just going to start shipping out millions upon millions of doses and not saving that second dose. While I do agree with the concept of that because I don’t think anybody should be waiting for a dose, at this point, we have far more supply than we need. We hae administered about 28 percent of the doses that hvae been sent out, so just by sending out more doses right now, that’s not going to fix the problem. That’s not going to fix the bottleneck that’s occurring all across the nation in getting the vaccine in the arms of Americans.


I actually support that strategy if we were at this point administering 100 percent of the doses that have already been distributed. We are far short of that. Again, 28 percent of the doses that have been sent out have been administered … We should not be focusing on getting more doses out. We need to focus on getting the doses that have already been sent out into the arms of Americans, by calling on the private sector, setting up these mega sites, allowing anyone over the age of 65 who wants a vaccine to be able to get it. They need to stop with the red tape. They need to stop with the restrictions, and they need to be giving this vaccine to any American that wants it.


[Hospitals] are being restricted by the state by saying they are not allowed to give it to their high-risk patients … They are saying it has to be hospital employees … Once that vaccine leaves the freezer, it has a shelf life of about 30 days. And at that point, they have to throw it away. If they get more and more millions of doses, and it’s not getting into the arms of Americans, they’re going to start throwing away doses, and that’s going to be a catastrophe.