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Deadly Terror Attack Leaves At Least 15 Dead

At least 15 civilians were killed on Wednesday night in a Boko Haram terrorist attack that involved three female suicide bombers in the large city of Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria.

Breitbart reported that 14 of the victims were killed in the bombings while the 15th was killed by gunfire in the Jiddari Polo district as local residents tried to flee the assailants.

The first bomber detonated her explosives as Muslims were leaving the mosque in the Goni-Kachallari neighborhood, killing herself along with six other people. The second terrorist exploded near the offices of the Development Authorities of Lake Chad at 9:20pm, killing three people in addition to herself. The final bomber only managed to kill one person besides herself.

A total of 24 people were killed in the attacks.

Witnesses say that a group of Boko Haram militants began the attack on the camp of Aridawari, on the outskirts of Maiduguri, around 5:00pm.

“The attackers arrived in the village carrying heavy weapons and began firing at the houses,” said Musa Umara, a resident of Aridawari. He added that local civilians “fled in all directions.”

Please pray for all those affected by these attacks!

John Webber

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