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Democrats Desperate Plot to OVERTHROW Trump Just Got Exposed

The Left in this country is spiraling out of control. They’ve lost all sense of reality. Because Democrats have lived in a bubble for so long–a safe space reinforced by the fake news media–they see themselves as heroes in a dystopian novel with Trump as the super villain.

A Congressman from California is showing how unhinged he is. This snowflake Leftist has formally introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump on the grounds of “obstruction of justice”  (via LA Times).

The Congressman in question is Rep Brad Sherman (D-CA). Wow. A Democrat from California. Why am I not surprised? Let’s be honest; he’s just trying to build his brand with the far-Left constituency he represents.

President Trump isn’t going anywhere. Sherman and political hacks like him are wasting taxpayers’ money. Instead of using their time in Congress constructively to pass an agenda that benefits all Americans, they’re wasting it with idiotic stunts like this.

And of all things to try to get Trump on, Sherman wants to use the Comey firing. Supposedly, firing James Comey constitutes obstruction of justice, and that is reason enough to impeach and remove the President.

Has Congressman Sherman been living under a rock all this time? This has been debunked so many times that keeping count isn’t even possible at this point. There was no “obstruction of justice!”

For one, they would have to prove collusion first before they can claim there was an obstruction of justice. If no crime was committed, and there’s nothing to investigate, then there’s nothing to obstruct.

And after months and months of blowing hot air, Dems still haven’t managed to produce a single shred of evidence that Donald Trump worked with Russia to win the 2016 election. Zilch. So there’s no basis for the “obstruction” accusation.

The entire Russia story has been one big ball of nothing. The American people know it, and even the Democrat politicians know it. The only reason it’s still being given so much attention is that it produces high ratings for the Leftist media. Without the Russia conspiracy theory, they would have to talk about the great things Trump is doing for America.

The ironic thing about this is that it’s the Democrats–notably Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama–who have worked with Russia for years. Hillary and Bill Clinton received huge sums of cash from Russian-associated entities in exchange for enacting policy beneficial to the Kremlin. Remember–Obama was the one pushing the Russian reset.

Democrats have been cozy with Russia for a long time, going back to when it was the USSR! The only reason Russia has suddenly become the boogeyman of the Democrat Party is that they needed a handy explanation as to why Hillary Clinton lost!

We know why she lost. Democrats have moved so far to the Left, they’ve lost touch with the general population. Let them continue the hysteria and this impeachment nonsense. It will only increase their losses. Meanwhile, President Trump and America will continue to win Big LEAGUE!

H/T angrypatriotmovement.com