Dems Ordered Not to Victory Dance…

As the House vote on impeachment was getting underway on Wednesday, CNN’s Dana Bash was reporting from the scene, speaking from rotunda as lawmakers were still arriving.

Bash reported on the solemnity and gravity of the mood among Democrats ahead of the vote, and her sentiment was shared on Twitter by CNN’s Brian Stelter.

“Back to the notion of where we are, and how the Democrats are feeling today,” said Bash. “You can feel it in the air here, it feels different. It’s palpable. That this is momentous. That this is grave. And again, it is, despite the Democrats’ talking points, not something that this Speaker wanted to do for and about this President.”

But there must be degrees of momentousness and gravity that reach a wider scale than we think, because those solemn Democrats gravely undertaking this momentous responsibility apparently had to be told not to get up and get get get down with joy after performing their somber task, to which they marched so reluctantly, as Axios reports.

House Democratic leaders told caucus members not to cheer or applaud when today’s impeachment vote totals are announced, and Democratic members described the day as sad and solemn, Axios’ Alayna Treene reports.
•  One Democratic member from a Trump-won district said the instruction is: “Don’t cheer, keep it solemn.”

Not long after Bash and Stelter were impressed by how serious and reluctant and grave the Democrats are, CNN’s own Manu Raju backed up Axios, also reporting on the efforts to tamp down the bubbling enthusiasm.

Watch the proceedings here. But do try to be seen as serious. Or as we say in the political vernacular, “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.”

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