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FBI Probe Of Bernie Sanders’ Wife Takes Major Turn – LOOK Who is the DEM Behind It!

As the Democrats and the liberal mainstream media continue to ramble on about ‘Russia’ they are also ignoring a major scandal that is under FBI investigation involving Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane.

Fox News reported:

The FBI and U.S. Attorney in Vermont are investigating Jane O’Meara Sanders for her role in a failed 2010, $10 million college land deal that she orchestrated during her seven-year stint as president of Burlington College in Vermont.

According to a series of 2015 emails to and from Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, leaked to and published on Wikileaks, the Clinton team wrote an extensive political opposition memo entitled “Sanders Top Hits-Thematics.” The memo details Mrs. Sanders’ role in the college’s financial failure, and parallels the ongoing FBI investigation, now before a grand jury, into the scandal. Other email correspondence shows the Clinton team believed scandals surrounding the college and Jane Sanders provided an opportunity to knock the Vermont senator’s reputation and chances to win the Democratic primary election.

“I think our first question is how are we going to defeat Sanders. … he’s not who he says he is — gun votes, DSCC money, Jane. There may be other options too but these seem to be the strongest attacks to consider. How we undermine Sanders candidacy is our threshold question,” a Clinton campaign official wrote in the fall 2015.

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Given how much the media hated Bernie Sanders while he ran against Crooked Hillary it is somewhat surprising that they are ignoring his scandal.

Just Kidding!

It’s not surprising at all because they would rather cover BS scandals that they have made up about President Trump.

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