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Just In: McCain Declares War On Trump With SICK Announcement

John McCain might as well sign his resignation papers now — the people of Arizona will never re-elect this traitor.

Senator John McCain admitted to reporters yesterday that he PREFERRED Obama’s leadership to President Trump. The widely-hated establishment politician just declared war on the Trump camp! (via IJR)

The British fake-news outlet The Guardian asked an aging John McCain if America’s world standing was better under Obama. “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” replied the traitor.

Unlike the Democrats, the Republican Party is internally divided. We have the Freedom Caucus chaired by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), and the moderate Tuesday Group (and the Swamp) led by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

John McCain is a RINO. He just admitted that he would rather America be ruled by a Democrat. It is no wonder he lost to Barack H. Obama in 2008, he can’t recognize good leadership, never mind be a good leader.

Senator McCain is a globalist and he has never imagined a war he does not want America to fight. Now, the senile Senator is complaining about the way President Trump is tackling terrorism.

McCain told The Guardian that he was troubled by President Trump’s recent comments accusing London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan as being weak on terrorism.

Well, he is, is he not? No one can deny that. And the last thing that any country in the world needs is a leader who is weak on terrorism. In America, and throughout the world, we need to tackle this problem head on.

But suddenly McCain has cold feet? That’s very unlike the hawk and means that there must be another real reason for his insults towards President Trump. John McCain was the leader of the never-Trump movement within the Republican Party.

McCain is hostile to President Trump’s “American First” policy and would have preferred another Clinton Presidency. The real reason that McCain was angered by Trump’s criticism of the London Mayor was that the Arizona “Republican” is demanding America accept more Muslim refugees. (via The Hill)

The truth is that McCain is a traitor. He is RINO and would be more at home on the other side of the aisle. As a globalist, McCain refuses to put America First unless it is American money or soldiers.

For McCain, it is American soldiers who should be the first to die in foreign wars where we have zero national interest.

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