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Mad Dog Spills the Beans, Exposes Trump’s Prevention World War III Plan

President Trump has restored the authority and respect that America has traditionally received from the international community. His strong leadership has now saved lives by preventing a catastrophic World War.

Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Matthis explains how Trump did it. The President’s careful political maneuvering after striking a Syrian airbase prevented escalation of war between the US and Russia (via The Washington Examiner).

By choosing to destroy the airbase because of Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his people, Trump sent a clear message: while we will work with Syria to fight ISIS, we will not tolerate our allies harming innocent civilians.

That incident in April was one of the biggest displays of Trump’s political genius. It showed he’s a decisive leader who will act when foreign powers cross the red line. As Gen. Matthis noted, Syria promptly stopped using chemical weapons. “It appears they took the warning seriously,” said the Secretary of Defense.

At the same time, the incident showed President Trump knows how to contain conflict. When he gave the order to hit the Syrian airbase, many were worried the decision would lead to conflict with Syria’s biggest ally: Russia.

But President Trump played it cool. He made clear that unlike the many Republican neocons calling for regime change in Syria, the last thing Trump wants is to send our troops to die in another Middle Eastern nation-building scheme.

Trump was merely leveraging American muscle to protect innocent men, women, and children living within the borders of our ally Syria. Our President very much embodies the notion put forth by Theodore Roosevelt: “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

Because Trump made clear his aim isn’t to antagonize Syria needlessly, he was able to both stop the chemical assault of Syrian civilians and maintain peaceful relations with both Assad and Vladimir Putin. It was a HUGE win-win.

In one swift motion, President Trump kept us out of World War III. World War I was largely the result of entangling alliances. The alliances of the European powers caused them to go to war against other countries with which they had no quarrels. That’s why our Founding Fathers cautioned us against such alliances.

Unfortunately, the globalists and neocons in Washington have disregarded that counsel for years. There are many politicians in Congress–men like traitor John McCain–who salivate at the thought of war. They’ve been bought by interests and organizations that profit from war–all at the expense of our men and women in uniform.

President Trump doesn’t bow down to those interests. It’s why the establishment hates him. One of the major platforms of his candidacy was putting an end to stupid wars. And he’s keeping that promise.

Our President knows we have nothing to gain in the Middle East. Our only reason for being there should be to eliminate the terror network that threatens America. With Trump and Mattis, we have the right men in charge to destroy threats to our nation.

Source by: Angry Patriot