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Obama Official Just Confessed The Truth About Terrorism

London has been the unfortunate location to experience terrible terrorist attacks throughout the past month. Tension is increasing and, people are starting to think clearly, at last.

An ex- campaign consultant of Barack Obama, David Tafuri, talked about the latest attack that took place at a London mosque. Tafuri confessed that a great deal of people in London are concernedabout terrorism and suffer from a constant sense of fear. He said, “People feel like they’re under siege,” as reported by FOX News.

Watch the video here.

It is quite a big deal when one of Obama’s associates confesses that terrorism is an actual issues. Maybe he was reflecting on Obama’s election of and how we would find himself in the exact position as London if it wasn’t for President Trump.

Horrible things are happening here as well, however, not even close to the degree of what is occurring in London. Just imagine, if one person was carrying a gun over there they could have been prevented some of those psychopaths from murdering innocent people — involving children.

It says so much about how the Left is attempting to shape America. They are determined to strip guns from people at all cost. We will not allow for that to happen, however, one look at the London news and you can see a reflection of our future.

We could become a constant target of terrorist attacks. The dangerous thing here is that we are a lot bigger, and the outcome could be devastating. Rather than wanting to combat this threat the Left wants to ban the only REAL chance we have have to end them: guns.

Trump has been fighting tooth and nail to defend our borders ever since he took office, and the press has attacked him for it. Now that we see attack after attack in London it is obvious that the President has the right idea.



John Webber

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