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President Trump Just Dropped A HUGE BOMB That Will End Democrats For Good

Around 7am this morning, Trump took to twitter and published a tweet that will have democrats everywhere is total disarray! (SEE TWEET BELOW)

Despite all the negative coverage President Trump receives from the fake news media, he always seems to come out on top.  That’s because he knows and understands the American people, he fights for them everyday and boy do they love him for it!

Rasmussen, one of the most accurate polls during the 2016 election, just revealed that despite the democrat’s witch hunt against him, Trump’s approval rating just hit 50%! Trump took the opportunity to rub into all their arrogant faces!

SOURCE: Twitter

That’s right, Obama couldn’t even hit 50%, and that’s with the media drooling all over him every minute of every day! But Trump wasn’t done there. See Trump’s next 3 tweets below! WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

SOURCE: Twitter

SOURCE: Twitter

This is TERRIBLE news for democrats.  Everything they have tried to do to bring Trump down has backfired, and now they have nothing left.  This news is the final nail in their coffin, THEY’RE FINISHED!



John Webber

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