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Sean Hannity With Loud and Clear Message To Special Counsel Mueller (VIDEO)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been assailed with criticism in the last several days by President Trump’s associates for the way he has been handling the probe into the Russian election interference.

The probe has yielded some pretty upsetting information recently, specifically the news, as reported by the Washington Post, that special counsel Mueller was investigating the President for obstruction of justice.

Late on Thursday evening, Sean Hannity used his opening statement to lash out at Mueller for his modus operandi in regards to the Russian probe. Here’s what Hannity suggested that the special counsel should do differently.

“Resign immediately,” said the Fox News host.

“Robert Mueller has more conflicts of interest than we can count on this show,” Hannity went on. “Mueller and [former FBI Director Jime] Comey have been close friends for a long time. Comey admitted he leaked the memo to The New York Times hoping it would bring about a special counsel.

“These are massive conflicts of interest that cannot be ignored … Whoever leaked this information to The Washington Post, they need to be arrested, prosecuted, put in jail,” he stated.

Check out Sean’s opening monologue in the video below. Hannity first mentions Mueller at the 2:08 mark:

“They have zero credibility left, and it’s only a matter of time before this too will be debunked like everything else they’ve reported in the last 11 months,” Hannity of the Post’s continual reports using leaked information given to them by “anonymous sources” that may have been sharing lies as far as we know.

Even though Mueller was welcomed as special counsel as a man of integrity and objectivity, and an impartial approach to every aspect of the probe. However, recent reports have cast a huge shadow over his initial praise.

It will eventually turn out that the whole Trump-Russia collusion scenario would be just a way for liberal Democrats to channel their frustration at Trump and his team for humiliating the pompous Hillary Clinton campaign with an epic loss for Democrats, and a historic victory for Trump and the Republican Party.


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