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Terror in Chicago 8 Dead, 49 Wounded – TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT

The media only reports on tragedy when it supports their agenda.

The mainstream media completely ignores gun violence in Chicago because it challenges their gun control narrative. Eight people were murdered and another 49 wounded over the weekend in Chicago due to gun violence. (via The Chicago Sun-Times)

Over 240 people have been shot this month alone in Chicago. More than 1,600 residents have been shot so far this year resulting in 279 deaths. Over 700 were killed by guns in Chicago last year.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, including a ban on assault weapons and no open carry laws in addition to high gun taxes.

Despite their war on guns, Chicago cannot stop criminals from opening fire on each other and innocent civilians. Tough gun laws merely morph innocents into sitting ducks as only criminals are left packing heat.

Apparently, no one warned Chicago gang members that they were entering gun-free zones and are required to disarm. Chicago gangs have easy access to firearms despite aggressive restrictions.

The first fatal shooting of the weekend occurred at 11:45 pm on Friday night. Three men between the ages of 23 and 29 were standing in front of an apartment complex when three assailants walked up and opened fire.

Two teenagers were among the eight dead including Tiara Viramontes, 17, who died while standing behind her apartment building at 4:48 am.

Three of the fatal attacks were the result of drive-by shootings, including 16-year-old Jaquarius Davis who was shot at 7:23 pm Sunday evening in the North Lawndale neighborhood.

President Trump is well aware of the problem and has threatened to send the feds into the Democrat-controlled city to clean the mess up. President Trump campaigned on solving the problem in Chicago despite objections from the cities mayor.

President Trump received considerable scrutiny when he threatened to bring in Federal police as liberals refuse to cooperate with their duly elected president. Instead, Trump is slowly and quietly sending ATF agents to Chicago to form a Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force without garnering undue attention from Democrats (via Daily Mail).

Chicago is a perfect example of how Democrats manage their jurisdictions. Crime flourishes in the city as innocent citizens are forced to disarm and bow down to gang members with weapon superiority.

Worse yet, Chicago refuses to admit they have a problem because if they ask for help it will indicate that tough gun laws do not work.

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