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Top Democrat Attorney Now Investigating Loretta Lynch Case – Coincidence or?

Former Justice Department attorney who helped Loretta Lynch in the collusion between the media and the DOJ to cover up the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting, now is working on the committee which is investigating Lynch for her role in influencing the FBI’s investigation.

Is anybody else NOT surprised to hear that the “Swamp Creatures” seem to be covering up for their own, yet again?

How is this even close to being ok?

We’ve seen the federal government going on an absolute witch hunt after President Trump, and as of yesterday, his campaign manager Paul Manafort, but yet Lynch is allowed to skate after numerous crimes?

This is just another example of “The Swamp” and shows how badly it needs to be “drained” if we ever want to get law and order in this country…

From Washington Examiner

An attorney in the Justice Department who helped edit press statements about the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch is now a top attorney for Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is currently investigating Lynch over concerns she may have tried to influence the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton.

The connection, first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, comes after hundreds of pages of emails about the infamous “tarmac” meeting were released by two conservative watchdog groups who had filed Freedom of Information Act requests for documents about the meeting from the Justice Department.

Paige Herwig was a counselor to the then-Attorney General Lynch in 2016 when the airplane meeting between Clinton and Lynch took place. According to her LinkedIn profile and other sources, she now serves as the deputy general counsel for the minority in the Senate Judiciary.

Because both the majority and minority parties each have their own staff, Herwig is one of several lawyers who will have access to and knowledge of how the Senate Judiciary’s investigation of Lynch is proceeding, with many of those other attorneys being Republicans who serve Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and the other GOP members on the committee.

Requests for comment from the committee were not returned.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating Lynch’s role in the Clinton email investigation because of recent testimony from former FBI Director James Comey who said Lynch asked him to use the word “matter” when referring to the investigation.

“That language tracked the way that the campaign was talking about the FBI’s work, and that’s concerning,” Comey said under questioning on June 8. “I don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but it gave the impression that the attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way a political campaign was describing the same activity, which was inaccurate. We had a criminal investigation open, and so that gave me a queasy feeling.”

Documents about the meeting have even drawn the attention of President Trump.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted, “E-mails show that the AmazonWashingtonPost and the FailingNewYorkTimes were reluctant to cover the Clinton/Lynch secret meeting in plane.”

Trump was referring to a batch of emails released by the American Center for Law and Justice which showed an initial reluctance by reporters from the Washington Post and New York Times to cover the meeting between Bill Clinton and Lynch.

Other emails confirmed that Lynch had used an email alias to conduct much of her government business while attorney general, a practice that isn’t illegal, but can sometimes present ethical issues with regards to FOIA and legal discovery.


H/T: USSA News

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